Estate Planning


Estate planning involves an individual ensuring that their assets are passed onto those individuals intended by the will maker after their death. Proper estate planning requires a careful assessment by the will maker to ensure that important planning elements are considered. It should be noted that failure to put in place appropriate estate planning arrangements could result in a different distribution of assets from what the will maker intended.


We at Street Quinn can help you properly plan for the distribution of assets after death by assisting the will maker to more efficiently arrange his/her affairs.


Our services include but are not limited to:

  • structuring superannuation to ensure maximum benefits pass to dependants in the most tax effective way
  • structuring the succession of businesses, companies and family trusts to ensure a smooth transition of control to the next generation.

Our legal partners will assist you

  • in the preparation of a carefully drafted will, to appoint appropriate executors and trustees and to ensure that your wishes are properly documented on how you want your assets distributed to your beneficiaries
  • In the creation of testamentary trusts to provide protection to vulnerable beneficiaries and successive generations
  • Preparation of appointment of powers of attorney and guardianship to ensure that appropriate personal lifestyle and health decisions will be made for the individual